Submerge yourself in the Sonic Ocean of Orcas and their Acoustic Experience

There are worlds beyond our senses where the human perception does not reach, but our influence does.
Re.flex.ion : Orca is brings underwater acoustics to the surface.
The sonic world of Orcas within the human range of perception. The experience Orcas undergo in captivity, presented in stark contrast to the freedom of communication in their natural environment.
Sound is essential for them. Placed between walls, waves reflect. Communication distorts; from Ally to Torment.
Immersive sound experience through the acoustic reality Orcas undergo when held in captivity. The audience is invited to an empathic journey through our consciousness.
Re.flex.ion: Orca developed to materialise in February 2020 at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, as part of the Artist Residency Program 2020.
An Ocean created using spatial sound introduced a family of orcas in the environment. Following the experience of a young Orca from the infinity of its natural environment to the conditions of captivity.
The installation is created to be exhibited in a wide range of technical formats (From Headphones to Wave Field Synthesis Spatial Sound Systems).
On Feb 27h Re.flex.ion : Orca Premiered at the Art Quarter Budapest to an audience receptive and experimental audience.
The results of the research conducted with the audience [in parallel to the experience] revealed the impact of a sensory extended impression of a hidden reality towards positive drive to action.

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